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​The graphic panel can be easily updated and replaced without removing the AmeraBoard from the wall.​

AmeraBoard a fully customized premium whiteboard with a removable graphic panel and a magnetic eraser marker set.

Welcome to a world of mobile, online survey tools! Let our survey suite capture customer input, real-time ratings, operational assessments and more via a web-based interface! Get real-time feedback from your patients, their families and visitors – as well as your internal staff – to help improve your HCAHPS scores, overall operations and patient retention. Experience excellent back-end, real-time analytics that allow you to track responses as they happen – giving you the ability to fix problems immediately.

The perception of your healthcare facility starts before a patient ever steps foot through your doors. Regardless of the reason for the visit, it isn’t uncommon for people to be overwhelmed when it comes to their health.  A thoughtful yet simple gift can help put your patients at ease. We can help design a promotional campaign that fits your patients needs  – water bottles, pillows, pill holders even skin care items are available as individual give-a-ways or packed into a promo kit. For more information contact your sales rep today!  To view promo items click here:


Under our Executive Furniture category we offer some of the best furniture brands in the industry. Our sales folks will measure your waiting area and work with our design team to create a newly designed reception area. Using our furniture catalog, online sites, and vendor binders we can show you the latest furniture styles and healthcare grade vinyl colors.

Need a complete office makeover?    Are you moving or expanding?

American offers: Space Planning & Design, Full Service Moving, Custom Window Blinds, Kitchen & Breakroom Cabinets, Panel System Work Stations, Office Suite Casegoods, and Conference Rooms just to name a few. Call today, and we will work with you to get the job done.

Our high-quality Healthcare Whiteboards will improve communication. Designed for use in patient, operating, and emergency rooms these boards provide nurses and physicians a convenient place to list patient goals, daily care plans, test schedules and other important notes.

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Call today - I will personally schedule a meeting and bring a full size Whiteboard with several custom graphic panels. We can review and compare how our Whiteboards will improve your patient communication! Call any time: 800-220-5114 Ext. 101
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American is a major provider to the healthcare industry. Facilities of all types benefit from the variety of solutions, services and savings that we provide. As an endorsed supplier of national healthcare group purchasing organizations, we’re able to pass along volume discounts received through our valued supplier relationships. With our experience in healthcare solutions, you’ll see why American is your strategic business partner.

AmeraBoard - Healthcare Whiteboards

Product Information

AmeraBoard is a fully customized premium whiteboard with a removal graphic panel and a magnetic eraser marker set. Using a 3D Laminate frame, we eliminate all seams allowing for a board that can be easily cleaned.

This is not your average whiteboard; our customers are typically looking for a product that can be totally customized.

SIZE: We start with your needs, since our product is made to order you can pick a size that works for you.  

FRAME COLOR:  We order our 3D Laminate for each job. We have many colors and textures to choose from to complement your existing interior colors. This allows our boards to seamlessly fit into your environment.

GRAPHIC PANEL: Our graphic panel is totally custom, and removable. This is a very important feature, as this allows the graphic panel to be easily updated without reinstalling or purchasing new frames. We work with your staff to help create a design that works for your location. We add your logo and company colors to totally integrate with your marketing efforts.

MAGNETIC ERASER MARKER SET: Our magnetic eraser marker set may seem like a minor feature at first, but when you review the other products in the market place you will see how important this feature is!  We eliminate the need for cords, chains, clips, trays, and cups.  Our magnetic eraser marker set allows the board to be completely cleaned and is very user friendly!